Lee Ah Mooi Caring Programme

Caring Programme

Established in the mid-1960s by the late Madam Lee Ah Mooi, the Home’s mission is to provide affordable and quality eldercare service for the “sandwich-class” who do not qualify for government-funded homes and cannot afford the more expensive profit-driven private nursing homes. The Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home is a family-run nursing home that is not government funded and relies greatly on the generosity and support of its donors and sponsors. In every little act of kindness from them, we receive a whole lot more that keeps us going over the many years.

The Lee Ah Mooi Caring Programme is set up to provide support to our residents and their families in times of hardship. In our aim to prevent wastage and putting a strain on supermarkets and suppliers, we have listed some of the daily necessities we need in our Home for you to choose to donate. We encourage everyone to please not hoard and purchase responsibly. This will ensure that the authorities can ensure resources are properly coordinated and allocated to the many underserved communities that need it as well.

Every donation – big or small helps us in more ways than one and we thank you all for your generosity. Just like how Lee Ah Mooi was built on trust from Samsui women and the Singapore community, let’s stand united in today’s time of adversity.

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Cash Donate

Cash donation contributed to Lee Ah Mooi will directly benefit affected resident families that are unable to support the elderly.
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Supply Donate

Support the elderly’s extra needs and comfort in Lee Ah Mooi.
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Volunteering services are available from time to time as we are always short of manpower.

"Like Family, Like Home"